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The Seljuqs


This study, which appeared as Chapter 10b in Volume 4 of the Cambridge Medieval History (Cambridge, 1923), was written by the historian Herbert M. J. Loewe. Chapter 10b ["The Seljuqs"]/Saljuqs/Seljuks covers the 9th-13th centuries. Topics includes: Importance of the Seljuqs; Decay of the Caliphate; The Shi'ites; Islam saved by the Seljuqs; The dynasty of Seljuq; Tughril Beg; The Vezier Nizam al-Mulk; Alp Arslan; Malik Shah; Intrigues of Turkan Khatun; Barkiyaruq: civil wars; Muhammad; Sanjar, the last Great Seljuq; Revolts of Atsiz of Khwarazm; The Ghuzz: death of Sanjar; The Atabegs and local Seljuq dynasties; The Seljuqs of Rum; Coming of the Crusaders; End of the Seljuq power.
Includes Title Page, Table of Contents, Chapter 10b (pp. 299-317), Bibliography for Chapter 10b (p. 836), Abbreviations, and Chronological Table in 34 pdf pages. Book digitized by Google, article extracted and uploaded by user Robert Bedrosian.

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